Property Finance UK – Reliable construction funding assisting UK Residential Developers maximise potential. Up to 100% including land ! Now including Northern Ireland

Property Finance UK – Our Services

Property Finance UK

Bridging Finance

Short term funding for all types of development and building projects. Refinance existing finance agreements or extend.

Residential Construction Finance

Ready to start a project, we can provide all stage funding up to £5,000,000. Quick decisions then a short funding process means you can be assured of the finance when you need it. Rates from 4.9% (subject to status)

Renovation Finance

improving a property to sell or rent we can help with funding for these types of projects. No project is to small contact us to discuss your project.

Auction Finance

As a property developer or land lord, we understand that properties can come on the market and you need quick cash. This loan is designed to have funds with you within 24 hours Find out more

Residential Development Finance

Property lending for development of projects at any stage. We offer competitive rates to help you to get building. Development loans are from £150,000 to £5,000,000.

Buy to Let Finance

Ready to enter the rental market or already an established portfolio. We offer a range of mortgages and loans that we will tailor to suit your needs.

Property Finance UK – Why Us?

We got the tools

We have a range of products all with funds directly ready to support the right projects. We have access to over £1billion in property finance uk and can make this available for your projects.

Certified Experience

Our parent company is Regulated by FCA and we have strict controls and measures in place. We work only with audited funds and this ensures there is no delays in lending.

Competitive Pricing

Due to the panel it means we can select the best product for your project. We can utilise the panel to maximise the flexibility of rates and terms.

Lifetime Guarantee

We cannot provide guarantees but we can offer a regulated and audited process which satisfies the FCA. We are registered with ICO making sure our data is handled safely and securely.

30 Years Experience

We have a vast experience of managing projects and will be able to not only assist you with raising capital but we can add value in speeding up the process, utilising our experience and connections.

Great Support

Most importantly we want to build relationships with our clients , to make this part of the process easier and simpler to access. Working together on new and future projects means we get to know each other.


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Property Finance UK

Property Finance UK

Property Finance UK

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