The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.


We will always deal with our clients in a fair and professional manner. We will ensure that all processes are transparent and all data is sure and protected at all times.


We will never do anything that we  believe will mislead you or hide any part of the process from you. You have complete access to your data and project information

Competitive Pricing

We will always put our client first. We will never push our clients into a deal or influence the decision in anyway other that to provide advice when ask.


We always put our clients needs at the front of the relationship, we will work hard to make sure this relationship works but our clients can always look at other funder choices.


As part of relationship we will constantly look for ways of improving our products and service for our clients. We welcome feedback as part of our improvement strategy.


We aim to be best in class and to that end you have access to all of the business right through to Owners and Directors. We have a complaints procedure that keeps you at the front of the process.

We believe in transparency and hard work and as such our aim is to provide more than just funding. We want to build a long term relationship with our clients and with our expertise and funding options make this part of the project esy for you. We want to create a go to business for all of your property funding needs.


A range of short, mid and long term products with a range of payment options.


We can fund building projects with a number of options open to our clients to enable flexibility and affordability.


From land through to development finance we offer a holistic project finance approach

Property Finance UK is a brand dedicated to the construction industry in particular private companies and individual that develop, renovate or let properties. The brand owner is Northwest Business Funding Ltd.

Northwest Business Funding is a Limited Company with Reg Number 10626600 is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority registration number 785833. Head Office: 5300 Lakeside, Cheadle, SK8 3GP. Northwest Business Funding provides a holistic service of financial products to it clients meeting a range of commercial funding requirements.

Property Lending  Important Notice

The process of borrowing funding has risks attached to it. These risks are the risk the fund takes when lending money to a developer or a Landlord. To that end it is likely that a security, guarantee and a debenture may be required to provide the security the fund requires.  This is release once the debt is satisfied. However should there be problems and the loan can not be satisfied or service. Your security and company may be at risk.