Property Funding UK


The market for property funding UK is continuing to grow and a strong rate. Driven by a shortage of housing the growth it would seem is set to continue. this has led to a growing number of adopters moving into property development in some form The buy to let market going through significant growth in the last 5 years, about to change again after the recent changes to interest rate offset and lending criteria. However Property Funding UK, we expect to continue to grow as the demand remains for new builds renovations and rented property.

The funding available is in plentiful supply but which lender fits your project, there are a number of options and certainly more than one interest rate for the same product. Some lenders will lend to England and Wales and some add Scotland but not all. Only a few works with Northern Ireland and Property Finance UK has secured lines of credit for NI.

the charges and fees, ins and outs and plus fees or without fees, interest only, rolled up , repayment capital, securities, charges  and debentures all add to the mix of property funding UK when you are looking for finance to support your project.

We look after the complexity work with you to secure the right option and manage that option and application through the process.  Get in touch if you would like to discuss a project.