Pre Agreed Funding Projects

Property bargains do come along. We can set up a facility ahead of that opportunity. Our products sets you a line of credit that you can call upon within 24 hours to the set limit. This gives you the advantage over other landlords or developers to be able to act swiftly  and confidence  that your funds are already agreed.  This opportunity requires security to already be in place so other property already owned can be leveraged to help you develop your portfolio.

To apply and gain the necessary credit you will need to have assets in the form of property already under your control. The liquidity in these assets is converted to credit which is then on tap for you to utilise at short notice. This can give you the advantage in a growingly competitive market.

Great for you

The process is designed for experienced developers or landlords and is easy to manage and access once the initial administration is completed. The administration process can take up to 6 weeks but often we can complete this sooner. If you meet the criteria of having working capital tied up in equity then this product is perfect to let you maximise the potenatial of a growing market.

Make it happen

To start the process simply contact us and we will guide you through the administration process. You will need to have the details of the current assets you have. The perceived valuation and the amount outstanding on any borrowing against the property.

Checklist, things we will need to know immediately

  • Full Name and Current residential address
  • Contact number and email
  • List of all other current assets and liabilities
  • Amount you wish to make available (subject to asset liquidity)