Bridging Projects

The Criteria

With a growth in property funding across the UK financial markets the choice, complexity and at risks are growing for funders. While getting you bridging loan may be easier now than ever. We understand that things do not always run smoothly and all of the funds we offer have experience and understanding of the property markets at varying level. It’s easy when it’s going right, but what happens when it goes even slightly wrong?

To enable a bridging loan to be secured the following information is key. The aim is to provide as much information as possible about the project, the requirement for funding, the exit and thus repayment and the understanding of the operational process and controls need to complete the project. We have several options and terms for bridging cap and int, interest only and when the circumstances are right no payments until agreed term end.

Security is key and LTV between 60 and 70% is probable for any project rates vary depending on the status of the application and the project and terms at maximum up to 18 months.

Experience Matters

We work mainly with experienced developers and landlords. However, we will look at all applications. You have to start somewhere! The key to securing a bridging loan is making certain that the end date is achievable and that the product will sell or provide an asset that will allow refinancing in different forms.

Bridging rates from 0.7% per month (subject to status). Quick decisions and options dependent on project.