We can work with projects that are literally just ground. We can fund 100% of the cost of acquiring the land, admin costs, legal costs, development cost and sales costs.  We are able to do this due to the unique model of creating a profit sharing opportunity that allows you to put minimal capital into the project, you manage the build and we manage the funding. We have a dedicated team ready to step into this role and we use a structured joint platform through which the project functions.

This type of relationship means we work closely together to maximise the gain from the project. It enables you to move quickly on projects that otherwise may not have been viable.  This is a complex structure and we recommend a meeting to discuss the full process if you think this approach works for you.

At any stage of the construction project, we can provide finance. This is linked to security and will depend on the current structure of the borrowing in place, We can if the status is right to refinance the complete project, We can also offer to refinance on bridging and short-term funding as long as the project completes and funds are repaid within 24 months from drawdown.

  • 100% Funding
  • Part Funding
  • Refinance Funding
  • Short-Term Funding

Maximum loan term 24 months


100% Funding

100% Funding for projects in Great Britain. The project must have planning permission on the land. Maximum Term 24 months.


We will enter into a profit share Joint venture. We will finance up to 70% GDV. You will be responsible for all pre costs of valuations and legal documents. We will stage fund the purchase of the land, the development and the marketing for selling.

Joint Venture

We will take a full first charge over the project until it is sold. This will be the security of the project. We will provide experts to value the project and to look over the costing and development plans. We have strict guidelines for the projects we fund.

100% Funding Available

Depending on the structure of the deal and development we may be able to fund 100% of the project.  This opportunity would entail a profit share element of the final build and is for residential properties only.  The funding would be phased and a special structured entity established for the financial control of the complete project and for the duration of the project.

You would be responsible for all admin costs and legal costs.

For further information on this type of deal, you can find out more HERE