Developer Funding


We have identified this group of funds that we can tailor to meet the requirement of developers with land ready to start construction on. We work with you to understand the project and your funding needs and then we match the best funding range for your project. This is designed for established developers with a strong track record and for projects over £250,000. We can work with new developers with smaller projects on a case by case basis.

  1. The land must have approved building planning on it. ( with low LTV outline maybe acceptable )
  2. The business or team must understand and have prior experience of development projects
  3. The land must have debt free equity of at least 65%
  4. A clear exit strategy must be in place and documented
  5. A charge will be taken over the land and business for the entirety of the loan

100% Development Funding

Depending on the structure of the deal and development we may be able to fund 100% of the project.  This opportunity would entail a profit share element of the final build and is for residential properties only.  The funding would be phased and a special structured entity established for the financial control of the complete project and for the duration of the project.

You would be responsible for all admin costs and legal costs.

For further information on this type of deal, you can find out more HERE