House renovation

Funding from £30,000 for development projects, where renovation is required to make ready for the rental market or to sell. This funding is dependent on security, affordability and exit. The loan can be created quickly and ensures that you release core capital invested as soon as possible. Ths loan can be part of an ongoing development or for multiple properties. We will lend up to £250,000 from refurbishment or renovation. Subject to affordability and security criteria.

This loan is unrestricted and can be used for any purpose internal or external as long as there is proof of works. Linked to the equity in the property the work must add value or be required to release the potential to the market.  this loan is not for private owners the loan is for property developers and rental income owners or property developers. The loan will be secured.

100% Funding for Development Projects

Depending on the structure of the deal and development we may be able to fund 100% of the project.  This opportunity would entail a profit share element of the final build and is for residential properties only.  The funding would be phased and a special structured entity established for the financial control of the complete project and for the duration of the project.

You would be responsible for all admin costs and legal costs.

For further information on this type of deal, you can find out more HERE

We can fund projects that are for sale or rental with our renovation funding. Security is taken on property 70% LTV.